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gone to far? i dont think

gone to far? i dont think so. its still child abuse those rooms are prep. for prison when i was in school they would put me in them for most of the day instead of calling my parents to deal with the prob. ive even sean them lie to my parents about why.doesn't matter what the reason is they have no right. if a parent did those things the kid would be taken. they would also chicken wing me [bend my arm back up behind me up high] like a cop. some teachers do it just because they can. and their r lasting affects believe me. the teachers reputation lol ha! what about the Incarcerated child. as for (the teachers family) an do unto others. what if others did that to that teachers family u think teach. would b ok with that? i dont think so. now i have kids and if i found out they pulled that crap i would sue-have teacher fired or (force teacher to retire) then go after the school. the bulls--t has to stop
what ever happened to the ruler across the fingers or stack of encyclopedias in each hand


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