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Seclusion Rooms are Abuse

I live in Ontario Canada in a small town called Thessalon. I had a incident with my son at school. He is 6 years old, in grade 1 and high functioning autistic. The day after Thanksgiving in October I was called in and by the time I got to the school they said he was up at the office, when I got to the office the principle told me that she didn't believe that this was a meltdown and that it was a behaviour, which I still think she's an idiot for saying that about my son and she's clueless to who he actually is. Anyways then she began to tell me that my son was in the Calming Room so that he would not be put on ''display'' or ''trampled.'' Now where in the guidelines is that nessecary to put a child in a seclusion room. Anyways I made a facebook group letting people know that those rooms exist and sure enough got a call on my cell phone from the school board. They said that room would not be used for any of the children which is what I wanted and I voluntarily said I would shut down the group. We had a meeting and basically I realized that they could be lying about the room being shut down and that they were just trying to shut me up so nobody sues or so forth. Someone contacted MCTV News about my story and they found me, so there I was on the news. One thing that seemed so manipulative was the school board lady was trying to convince me that even though I told her I made that fb group to make awareness because parents have a right to know that she stated "I think you were just looking for advice and a cry for help." She was trying to drill it in my head. So I went on the news thinking this will let people know they exist and also in hopes of the school not going back on their word about closing the room to all kids. My son was traumatized from being in that room, it broke my heart going through that with him. He may live a bit of a different world than us but he knows when something isn't right and hurts. Other stories have come out that kids were locked in that room alone for stupid reasons like a kid got bullied and the principle found the kid and locked the kid in there even though he was the one who was bullied. Tell me these rooms aren't for punnishment and I am sorry but just because a child is special needs does not give them the right to abuse any kid this way. I wish teachers could see the after affects that the kid goes through and in my opinion these rooms are used mostly on special needs children because a lot of them can't commnicate what is happening properly. When I think back on it, I regret not sueing but I thought it was more important for parents to stand up for their kids and not be pushed around by power tripped hotheaded fake figures in the public eye...and I dont mean all, I just mean certain ones because their everywhere. To see the news clip go to thats my youtube link


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