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Whiney no parenting parents...

Whiney no parenting parents should teach their kids how to act at home, then these rooms wouldnt be necessary. You obviously havent seen how bad kids are nowadays...and the fact that they arent paddled or humiliated in front of other kids doesnt help. You all sound like such bleeding heart sympathists...that think its always society or someone else to blame for your kids misfortunes or acts. PUNISH your children parents...TEACH them how to act and how NOT to act and like I said, things like this wont be needed. SPANK them. RESTRICT them. Youre their parents, not their friends. Youre plain crazy if you think this room is medieval or like a prison. Its more to embarrass the kids and make sure they cant hurt themselves when throwing their little tantrums, to get what they want...because Ill bet it works at home on you Moms and Dads. Remember how stupid kids felt sitting in the corner when you were growing up? or having their names written on the board? Well, thanks to modern day people such as yourselves, thats not allowed anymore. YOU ALL have single handedly taken away all the ways to punish kids that have worked so well for the past 80 years. Thanks NO parenting Parents. THANKS!


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