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Parents Rights

If parents had their rights they could disapline their children the way they need to be disaplined and then the teachers wouldnt have to worry with sitting with a child when they are misbehaving. I say parects stand up for their rights to disapline their children and it would make the teachers jobs a whole lot easier. And Im not say beat the child for every little thing they do there is a difference in disapline and abuse. I got the belt every time I got in trouble at school, and trust me it was not often, I had respect for all teachers and adults. these kids now days have no respect shoot they dont even know the meaning af respect and they walk around shouting give respect and Ill show respect to the adults. that is just wrong if I even thought about sayin that to an adult I was getting the acros my butt. The society is scream disapline in school but they want allow the parents disapline the kids and that is where they need to be gettin the main disapline.


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