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response to xxx comment

What are you talking about "crackhead parents"? My son wasn't misbehaving, he was just crying, his teacher said, "if he was misbehaving she would've sent him to the office or sat him in the hall. But he was not being punished" His father recently died and certain things trigger his emotions and he sometimes cries. He was simply crying!!! His teacher took him to the special needs room because there are beanbag chairs and blocks and puzzles he could calm down and return to class when he felt better. I WAS NEVER CALLED!!!! A letter was sent home with my son about him having a bad day but it never mentioned that he was removed from his class. The only person that told me what happened was my son. Not until I made an official complaint was what my son told me verified. My son came home from school and told me what happened when his teacher left him in the room with a staff member he had never known or seen before. Once alone he said the woman told him "one more sniffle and she would lock him in that room" she showed it to him and scared him terribly. He is still crying at night with nightmares that he is locked in that room and misses the bus and has to be locked in all night. XXX, you REALLY dont know what you're commenting about and you're reasoning is not logical, I'm sure all parents that DO have problematic children are not ALL crack-heads! Furthermore, the seclusion rooms are intended for the safety of special needs students and NOT as a punishment. And I'm sure child protection services will tell you that locking a child up, even in their own bedroom is abuse and against the law.


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