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Actually I work with DSS and

Actually I work with DSS and it is not against the law to lock a child in a room for punishment. It is sometimes a safety issue. I never said that all parents with misbehaving children are crack-heads. I said that a teacher can not take the time to sit and calm a student down when there are 25-30 other children in the room, and that when some parents are called they will not come. I do know what I am talking about because I have a background working with special needs children. The seclusion room is a needed thing in many schools and I am outraged that you have brought attention to this. Before you made this a public thing you should have thought about the teachers, students and parents who have to use this room for problem children. You have made New Hanover County look bad by claiming that you wanted parents to know that such a room exists. This is a matter that could have been handled through administration but you have taken it upon yourself to bash a school and a teacher when you were not there and you are basing your information on the words of a minor child. You may not blow things out of proportion but, children certainly do. You have now opened a can of worms and probably feel bad for what you have done. You have tarnished the reputation of one of the best schools in NHC. Maybe you should homeschool or place your child in private school if you don't like the way things are done.


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