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THIS room is needed!!!! I

THIS room is needed!!!! I have used the room before, as a teacher of special needs children at two different schools. If you have seen the things that I have seen you would agree. When a child spits, kicks, tries to climb out of windows, hits, breaks furniture, urinates on themselves, deficates property and comes after you with scissors....what are you supposed to do? Oh yeah, honey could you calm down so I can make a phone call? Please! A seclusion room is the best choice. We used to try and hold kids down or use a blanket to calm them. The room is better. It is padded and the students can not hurt themselves. By the way most of the time the teacher goes into the room with the student unless they are too violent. The police are usually called too and they go into the room too. It is used as a last ditch effort. Get the facts before you are so quick to judge.


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