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Thank you, Mrs. Findley. I

Thank you, Mrs. Findley. I for one appreciate your bringing this to the public's attention. I think what our resident DSS person is missing here, is that the school pretty much verified your son's account and agree that this should not have been handled in the manner it was. You and the little one will be in my prayers. Maybe the school district should pony up for a counselor for him. It's the least they can do. The fact is "XXXXX", the room has a purpose, but it is not meant to be used as a punishment. It also would seem (according to the article) that the room is to be used for a singular purpose. I quote to you from the article, "The seclusion room is used for some special education students who fall under the Individualized Education Program. After a psychological assessment, parents can agree to allow their children to be placed in seclusion if they are displaying dangerous behavior to themselves or others. It is not intended as a punishment." Did you get that last bit? Did Mrs. Findley's son have an IEP in place? Was there any assessment done on her son? Had she consented beforehand to allow the school to place her son in seclusion? I believe that the teacher HAD to have been aware that this little boy lost his father recently. I suspect she was having a bad day, lost her composure, and made a colossal gaff. So if you are going to accuse ANYONE of making the school, county, teacher, etc. look bad, you can start with chastising the teacher. She was wrong in this instance, and clearly the school administrators agree with that. Clearly, even THEY don't believe this is the way "things are done". So if they ADMIT that what happened here was WRONG, how the heck do you defend it?


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