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Being a mom of a two year

Being a mom of a two year old I have yet to enter this domain, but having been in the place of a student and a teacher I can somewhat relate. First I don't think "seclusion rooms" are the answer in regards to disciplining a child at school. When I was a student in school, the norm was to be sent to the hallway to sit and think or to sit in a secluded area of the classroom. The next step was the principals office and parents were notified one way or another. As we got older after school detention was incorporated and even in-school suspension. Sometimes acting out in elem. school resulted in loss of certain privelages, like recess. Second, I interned for a neighboring elem. school as part of a project during my senior year in HS. I saw how some students had unruly behavior toward the teacher. It is frustrating when a teacher is trying to teach 30 students on average. Thirdly, I believe discipline starts at home. The Bible stated "spare the rod, spoil the child." I for one think that so many parents do not properly discipline kids. There is a fine line between abuse and discipline but parents need to learn to raise kids with respect and teach right from wrong. I do with my child. I refuse to let my child run amok. That is why you have so many kids going out and shooting up schools, beating on others and joining gangs. Because parents are afraid of teaching their kids and setting good examples. Some parents are so lazy and just let the TV raise their kids or someone else. Kids need a parent who will love them and bring them up properly. It is sad that so much of society is wasted because parents don't do their job at home. It is called not giving in to every whim and tantrum. Do I give in every time my 2 yo cries when I say "no"? No I stick it out and let him throw his fit bc I know that 2 minutes later he will forget all about it and move on. If he does something wrong he gets told that it is a no. After that he gets a time out or a spanking, depending upon the situation. Kids need love and guidance, mixed with proper discipline, not seclusion rooms.


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