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I have 3 children and they

I have 3 children and they all have an IEP. Each of them have a learning disability and the 2 boys have behavior problems that stem from their learning disability. By the way, I'm not a crackhead. I'm a Registered Nurse who is a single parent though. (Any problem with that?) I wouldn't doubt for a minute that the seclusion room was used as a threat to this child. I have been very involved in all of my children's education and am very familiar with the different programs offered at the schools. Unfortunately there are teachers that are just there for a paycheck and could care less if a child learns anything especially a child with a disability. Parents aren't always at fault for there children's actions. Stop blaming them. I consider myself an excellent parent. Yes my children have misbehaved in ways I don't think is acceptable but they have problems that cause them to act that way. Having 20-30 children to supervise during a day doesn't give a teacher the right to just throw a child in a seclusion room. One of my children have been in a seclusion room in New Hanover County and at the time was needed due to his behavior BUT the teacher didn't intervene when she should have so this caused his behavior towards another student to escalate. Another student was mouthing at my son and my son told the teacher if he says another word about my mom I'm going to get up and get him. She did nothing and guess what happened he followed through. I can tell you from experience alot of these teachers who work with special needs children don't have proper training. I have had teachers provoke my children before. Sorry this isn't acceptable. You don't get in the face of a child with known behavior/emotional issues. Maybe you don't have kids or maybe they're just perfect. If so congratulations. Another thing a special needs teacher shouldn't have 20-30 children at one time anyway. The class size for these children is smaller maybe 8 students if that many from my experience. If they don't want to deal with it then they should find another job. As a nurse I get spit at, swung at, cussed at, and everything else but I like what I do. I also understand that people have all kinds of problems and I never know what they've been through. My job is to give them the same care I would give anyone else and be compassionate. That's why it's called a job. Yes, you have to work. I feel sorry for these children. The New Hanover County Schools don't offer enough services for special needs children but they offer everything for children who are advanced in their studies. What a shame! My 2 boys are both seniors and can barely read. Why? Because once a child is labeled as a child with special needs it doesn't matter anymore whether they learn. They get promoted no matter what because their work is supposed to be on their grade level and it's better for them socially. More or less staff don't want to be bothered. So what happens they never get past a reading/writing level of third grade. Also a child has to be so far behind to qualify for these special classes by that time they are just to far behind to catch up. This covers the subject and much more!


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