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reply to Anita H.

It is against the law to lock a child in a room. The seclusion rooms at schools do not have locks for that reason. The school administrators told me the teachers have to use their body weight to hold them closed and prevent the child from leaving. I went through administration and my minor sons story never changed each time he told it to all of the different authorities. Not one single detail added or changed because whether YOU personally believe children or not He was telling the truth. I thought it could be a "far-fetched story" as I said since it was my 5 yr. old telling it. His story was comfirmed by the staff member. My issue IS with the school staff member who abused her possision and threatened my son and other children she even shouted at a parent once and changed her tune real fast when the parent turned around and she saw it was , SHE is tarnishing the schools reputation with her actions and lose of control. I'm not ashamed or embarrased at all. Unfortunately in all professions whether teacher, police officer, even preists there are sometimes those people like this teacher who abuse their position and tarnish the workplaces name for all the good guys. This is one of those cases. It's too bad the school looks bad for this but it's her fault not mine.


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