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Thank You

Thanks to the supporters. This issue doesn't end with this news story and legal actions are in the works. I know that I'm doing the right thing here. I must say that I love CBES and always boasted it as one of the best schools. My sons teacher is a saint in my book and is not the staff member responsible for acting unprofessionally that day. Furthermore I do not want this to seem like an attack on the this school because it is an issue with New Hanover county schools system as a whole. I personally dont know what that room is for nor should I considering my children do not have behavior issues. I know that room is not to be used for any child without written consent from the parent. (I don't agree with it but I think the IEP parents have the right to make that decision) I am VERY concerned with the fact that the room is not being used properly and unfortunately one bad egg ruins the bunch. And CBES has a bad egg in its basket. But since I was swept under the table about my personel concern, what was I supposed to do? Nothing, and allow this misuse of this room to continue? How many students(not IEP or IBS)have been sent to the special needs teacher for being disruptive in their classroom? I'll tell you...3 that I know of so far,other than my child, from first hand conversations with them. I wonder why we don't know about it but the students call it "The Blue Room".


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