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School jail

I'd been out of town and am now catching up. Plus, I wanted some time to think about this. I've mentioned before that we should prepare kids for their futures as adults. And teaching them early on what to expect as punishment is among those steps. Frankly, I think this needs to be in place for ALL students. As an adult, when you reach a certain point in your actions, punishment will take place. Believe it or not, even adults face being "sent home" or even "expelled" from certain places for their actions. They receive "warnings", "suspension", and other methods of punishment that can actually be translated to versions enforced on children. While I also believe that certain actions in schools require a major response, such as an official arrest by police officers, sometimes, the actions of the child come close but do not actually cross the line. A "seculsion room", or a "jail", may be sufficient for older students. A time out is required as punishment for some elementary school children, which is sometimes in a corner of the classroom. But there are times when the need to segregate the child entirely, but still maintain security and control over that child may be required. Requiring authorization to use the room might help, such as conferring with a principal or disciplinary officer. In addition, it seems an interesting note that while Parents may not confine their child to even a large walk in closet with a light without facing retaliation by child and family services (and I've haven't done this because I don't have a large enough closet), I'm surprised that the government agency has not had words in regards to this action in the school. If it is bad for Parents to do such a thing, why wouldn't it be bad for the schools. I'd say if you lock your child in a well ventilated room/closet, with appropriate lighting and child services comes knocking due to a complaint, you, the Parent, should have justification for filing harassment charges against them and the "complainer" because it's apparently a legal form of punishment according to a government agency, the school system/board. BTW, I'm laughing at all the "I was punished using form x, and I turned out ok so it must not be a bad thing and must, in fact, be the ultimate solution to punishment". Why? Simple: We aren't clones. Not everyone reacts the same way to every single similar situation. Time for reality. Andrew


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