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Why fired? Was that your intention all along? If so, why didn't you say so? What did the teacher do that was so egregious that she deserves to be fired? What you are saying is that because your child, who was crying and unable to be settled by his primary teacher and teacher assistant, tells you his version of an incident that happened in school, you want this woman fired? I totally understand the wanting to make sure your child is safe, but you must be kidding me. So you want to impact not only this woman, but her family as well? Is this woman married? What if she isn't and her job is supporting 1,2, or even three children? In this economy, is that really the mindset that you have? Heck, you stated that your son recently lost his father, this means you lost a husband (if you were still married). Are you allowing those feelings to vent through this? If your child is having issues dealing the the loss of his father, then perhaps he should be seeing a professional if he isn't already. If he wasn't supposed to be in the Intensive Behavior Support classroom, then the person you should have the issue with is the kindergarten teacher and her assistant. Their primary responsibility is to handle a crying child, as you say your son was. If a child is taken to an IBS Classroom, I am assuming they are in need of INTENSIVE behavior support. That was this woman's job. If she has no personal relationship with your son, they she would not know the sensitivity of the situation. She deals with kids who have the potential to disrupt a classroom at any moment not little kids who can't stop crying. So, I ask you again, are you seriously trying to get this woman fired? Ask yourself why. Ask yourself what would that really accomplish? Ask yourself if you are prepared for the responsibility of adding more people on to the welfare rolls in North Carolina. That's what you would be doing.


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