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Teachers are not perfect

It's true the IEP teacher was wrong for assuming your child could deal with the same punishment as her daily students do, you should never threaten a child certainly not a small child whom you have no information about. I am sure her threats of a trip to the "BLUE ROOM" are common practice in her classroom of emotionally charged children. His primary teacher probably could have picked a better spot for the child to take a moment to gather himself rather than putting him in a class with a teacher with whom your he was not familiar and who is already overwhelmed with emotional children. But would it not be better to try and have the Board of Education require the IEP teacher to take a leave or probation period or even more training in dealing with children who have suffered the lose of a parent or loved one rather than have her fired. I am sure she did not mean to scare your son and had she known his situation she probably would have been even compassionate but she did not know his complete history, but she did what she is required to do with the type of children she deals with daily and his teacher thought that he was not stable enough at that moment to stay in the regular class so the IEP teacher must have assumed he had issues or he would not have been taken out of his main class. I would be angry if anyone made my son afraid for one second but no teacher is perfect and if the IEP teacher must be held accountable to such an extreme as to be fired than it would only be fair to hold his primary teacher just as responsible for putting him in a classroom that is not commonly used for children in the regular classes. I am glad someone is letting parents know about these rooms I had only seen rooms like that in mental institutions. But the bottom line is this teacher was hired to teach a very special group of children and for a short period of time his teacher decided that she could not control his crying and that it was so disturbing to an entire classroom that she thought it would be better for everyone if she completely removed him and that this class was best suited for him. He was put in her class and she was doing what she has been trained to do . Seems like all the adults dropped the ball but that's life and there is not one perfect teacher, parent or school anywhere. Don"t damage more lives ,do the right thing and try to change the rules or educate people don't punish a teacher for doing what she was trained to do for her IEP students. It's a sad day when people can sue for things that could be settled just by talking, passing new laws or EDUCATION. It sounds like your son has been through alot and my heart goes out to him I have a son in first grade and he is a special needs child I also have a daughter that attended CBS when she was 5 and was locked out of the school for more then 15 minutes alone outside and scared to death it took me more than a month to get her to stop crying when I dropped her off ,she was so afraid and I was P#*$ed . But I knew the teacher made a mistake and my child was not physically hurt she apologized and it was over. I hope it works out for all involved and more parents shoud be so concerned about there children.. Good Luck to you.....


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