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If she wants to have the

If she wants to have the woman's job then she is within her rights. I'm surprised the BOE has not taken action against the teacher. She violated a school system policy. It's simple. If this child did not have a signed permission form to use this room in an IEP, then it is against school policy to use it. All of these schools have counselors. The student could have been taken to see the counselor and then if he/she was unable to cope, then the parent would have been notified. Perhaps you are missing the point of this room's use. It is a padded cell for children with conditions that make them uncontrollable at certain times where they may be a danger to themselves or others. This room's use is not to be taken lightly. Apparently you don't have much experience with special needs. My son has cerebral palsy and I spent some time when he was younger as a volunteer in his class at school. There were children in the class who could seriously injure themselves or others when they became uncontrollable. Attacking others or beating their heads against the walls, etc. Children who cannot be calmed without physical restraint. That way the child has time to calm down without injury to themselves or school personnel. Those are the children the room is designed for and the parents still have to give prior permission. Crying uncontrollably does not meet the criteria. Regardless of the economic situation in the country, this teacher violated school policy which does leave the school system open to liabilty suits and they can terminate her for it if they wish. The current economic situation is no excuse for incompetence or flagrant violation of the rules.


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