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young student

A logical response would have been to call the mom and ask her to come to school to handle the out of sorts little one. Sounded like he was having a bad day. If it then continued, the child study team and the principal, along with parents would work together to address the problem. Threatening young children at the beginning of their career is inappropriate. I'm not in the same state, but usually there is board policy regarding employment issues and those policies need to be followed. Some times teachers make mistakes in a split second decision, (especially if they are young) but that is why there are policies to follow--which usually include an oral warning first, then written, a plan of action for improvement--not a harsh firing. The administrators would have just been covering their own @#@@#'s by firing the teacher for this in hopes that the parent doesn't sue; however, in their haste, the employee may have actions against them if indeed, they were fired over this. Plus, where was the principal and why wasn't he more aware of what was going on at his school--along with getting to know each of his students and needs of the teachers?


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