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I am one of the latest "victims" of Earl, and being new to the city I can't believe that this crook is allowed to get away with such theivery, and apparently its all legal! What a scam, I'd like to get a job in the offices of these apartment complexes and blow the lid right off all of the obvious paybacks from him to these property managers. I worked in property management for 10 years in another state and believe me there is a lot of under the table deals that go on between contractors and managers, and if you say anything your out of a job. Its clear that Earl and his partners in crime read these postings and when you read mine I pray that you will get your someday, what goes around comes around pal, and when its your turn believe me its going to be UGLY! I wish we could all get together and get a class action suit against this scumbag, I'm willing to put up some dollars to get it started, and I will be contacting the IRS....daily. Have a nice day EARL............


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