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R O T F L ! ! ! !

Dude...I gotta tell ya...your post CRACKED ME UP! I can TOTALLY envision a group of guys riding around following and honking! Hysterical! honk honk honkitty honk Honk on, brother. Honk on. While I do think most people have it coming, there really are some instances where the local tow companies overstep their bounds. The ones downtown who would rather gamble their car will still be there when they stumble out of the bar have it coming when they find out their lush wagon is waiting in the tow man's lot. But there are instances where tow companies have hooked up and towed without checking the valid parking decals, and that really is wrong. Also, BY LAW they are supposed to stop hooking up and towing if the vehicle owner catches them in action (unless it's a repo), but I can assure you that they don't always do that. That really IS a law violation. As for the ones who could not be inconvenienced while WALKING FROM THEIR VEHICLE TO THE GYM...they have it coming. No matter how much they whine about it, there WERE signs posted. And to the one idiot who posted that this should have been on tv...I'm wondering how you have enough brain cells to walk upright. SERIOUSLY??!? You want a news story ON TV to advise you whenever someone in town changes parking spots??


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