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Gotta be about politics...

So, those of us at the coast now have to pay a huge amount towards additional HO coverage? Bottom line is the rest of the state should spread the cost around as they use our beaches for vacations year round. In addition, has anyone asked why the residents living in the rest of the state don't have increased insurance for their weather hazards? Residents in the NC mountains have wildfires and snowstorms that are a threat to these areas EVERY YEAR! The sandhills, piedmont, and triad also have significant ice storms and resulting damage EVERY YEAR, not to mention a massive hurricane would cause just as much, if not more, damage to inland counties has was demonstrated by Floyd and many hurricanes past. How is it that we see a Cat 3 hurricane or higher every 11-13 years on avg, which can also do tons of damage to inland counties, and the rest of the state sees severe weather conditions every year; however, us on the coast are singled out? This makes no sense... any attorney battling this? Am I making sense or do y'all think this is way off? I think these are legitimate questions that need to be answered.


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