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Sunday Liquor Sales

Hey Good and Decent,

You're just plain nuts! Not all people who drink alcohol are drunks & alcoholics. I do agree with part of the taxi driver hauling drunks, but wouldn't that be good for business? I am glad that they are driving them so THEY aren't driving on the road.!
As far as bringing religion in on this, I am a Catholic and believe that drinking alcohol doesn't mean I'm going to hell! Having a beer or wine or a margarita on a hot summer day doesn't make me an alcoholic either. Didn't Jesus turn water into wine? Don't they serve alcohol in chuch-the blood of Christ? (I don't drink it because of backwash issues) So I guess ALL christians are going to hell for drinking the blood of Christ?
You bible belt people are all nuts!
And you being a Born-again christian means you've done something bad in your life and needed to find God again.
Good Luck!


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