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Sunday Liquor Sales

To all you poor pathetic people who are for Sunday liquor sales, I pity you. As for the separation of church and state, please read and understand this. This means there is to be no one particular religion. As for taxi driver comment, if this passes, I know you will be tickled to death for the extra drunks to haul. I'm expressing my opinion just like the rest of you and if you don't like my opinion, you will have to answer for the choice you make one day. As for the "private club" comment, I'd rather be a Christian and go to heaven than to spend eternity in hell where there will be weeping, gnashing of teeth and yes, remembrance of times repentance could have taken place but wasn't. So, go ahead and consume your alcohol. Just don't drink and drive and don't ask to be placed on a liver transplant list because that's what you're doing is destroying that most important vital organ. If you have children, grandchildren, or any relative, just walk up to them now and tell them that you don't love them because actions speak louder than words and you're indicating to them that you don't care. I don't condone cigarettes, beer, or drugs either but that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Call me what you want but I know one thing. I'm a born again believer and I'm not ashamed to worship my LORD JESUS CHRIST on Sunday or whatever day to the week you might want to call it. I hope you all repent and see the need to want to spend eternity in heaven.


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