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smoking in bars/restaurants

Just got back from Ireland and Scotland, where smoking is banned in all pubs and restaurants. What a pleasant experience. You still have to hold your breath through a billowing cloud of toxins as you walk through the sidewalk crowd out front of the establishment, but non-smokers CAN hold their breath. Inside each pub was clean, bright, and even had some children inside during the daylight hours. I'm sure the pub owners appreciate not having to clean yellow smoke residue off of everything (look up third hand smoke - residue on furniture and clothes causes cancer too). Most smoker I come in contact with actually smoke outside their own homes, so I see no big deal in them smoking in front of or behind bars. The right for me to swing my fist ends with your face. The right for you to smoke in public ends with my lungs. Smoke em if ya got em, just not near me.


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