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Please all-wise all-knowing politicians, save me

1st I am not a smoker. But the problem here to me seems to be that the government is again in an area of individual rights. I believe it was wrong for them to make a law requiring that a restaurant owner had to designate a section for non-smokers. If the statics are true from another post, that 4 out of 5 people do not smoke (I think that is a little high) then it would seem to me that all the government should do is require the owner to post outside if his/her establishment is smoking or non-smoking or both, then let simple economics sort it out from there. I have a lot of friends that smoke and even though I have heard complaints from them about some of their favorite restaurants going non-smoking, I haven't heard them say that they would quit going there. The non-smokers on the other hand seem to be more hard line. If the owner of a restaurant wants his/her clientele to be smokers, he should be able to offer them that. The same is true for a owner that does not want smoking. The public would then make their own decision, and eventually the owner would either stay with their decision, or change to stay in business. .... Because believe it or not, contrary to popular belief, we do not need the likes of Bev Purdue or Washington saving us from ourselves.


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