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Smoking Ban

We work to free other countries from the one thing we are starting to let run us, THE GOVERNMENT!! Where are our rights? There are no smoking/smoking seats in restaurants in NC. I do not smoke but let me see it through most eyes... I can go into a bar and smoke a cigarette and I hurt NO ONE, I go into a bar drink for a few hours,get in my car, start my car, drive my car.. Hit an innocent person KILL them, but yet I only did what the government allowed me to do... If we stop smoking then stop drinking, stop cussing, STOP BREATHING!! Letting the government tell us how to live our lives is taking away our rights. You wait, all the non smoker (haters) out there, YOU ARE NEXT.. Also, put it this way... We have HOW MANY UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE!! So let's ban smoking... Well there goes more jobs. Restaurants will not be as full, crime goes up.. the now unemployed will start stealing.... But all the tobacco farmers without a means of income... Hell why don't we just give the government what they won't. Did it bother you that YOUR child is taught the Pledege of Alligance without GOD.. Probably not, but it bothers me that I am 36 yrs old, work full time, wife, mother, daughter, sister... I pay my taxes, but that isn't enough for the greedy, power hungry politicians. Guess what... WHEN YOU GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY TO GOD AND THAT BECOMES A CRIME, where will you go..I can tell you where they will....


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