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So much Thanks

I want to thank all the people (EMS, Fire, Police, Volunteers) ~ Everyone who helped with this awful tragedy. The community has sent so many condolences and prayers and been so supportive. This is something the boys and their families need so much. I think we often forget that the men and women that do this are affected as well. They are the ones that had to find Cody deal with the situation at hand. They have to be professional and comforting to us without putting their emotion and personal bonds in the mix. They keep their emotions together and keep the situation under control. That is not an easy job, especially with a death of a child so much loved. It takes a special kind of person that can do that. My heart goes to those who were there and the misfortune of having to go through this time after time. God Bless each of you. You were our strength in our time of need during this tragedy. GOd Bless and Thank you To see someone who knows nothing about the situation and blame CHILDREN for something that is beyond their comprehension, is just blind ignorance. Yes, they should not have been there, but, they could not have even fathomed the consequences at 14-15 years old. Kids are just into playing and living for moment. They do not see the dangers in life that we do. They do not have the experiences adults do and have. This has affected everyone here, so blaming these boys is going to get no where. There are people that are going to be blind and blame these boys for this tragedy. They are the ones that do not have see the guilt or anguish the boys go through everyday. In reality, they are blaming these boys and have no clue of ALL the damages. It is not just the awful death of Cody, but also the life changing experiences of three boys. This will change 4 families forever. Thank all of you for your support and prayers. They have meant so much to us. I pray for Cody's family and pray that God gives his family the comfort and strength to get through this.


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