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Cody its Meagan Smith...

heyy babyy, I'm in class right now, but today is not a good day at all. All i can do is think of that smile that you always had and the way you used to always come to my locker and put your arms around me. you'd turn me around and kiss me and say " I LOVE YOU BABY!" i miss that cody. i miss every little thing about you. i still dont understand why you had to go. why it was you? not that i wish it was any of the other boys. i just want you back all of you. i wish i could snap my fingers and everything would be okk again. i just want my life back that had you in it. i've changed so much and i've isolated myself from everything almost it seems like. i'm trying to find myself, that girl i used to be with that was always happy, but i cant find her anymore. i look for you everywhere. i know it probably seems like i'm getting over you, but even though i dont cry and all that doesnt mean im not dying on the inside. i need you baby more than anything in this world and idk what to do anymore... i'd give anything just to talk to you... you still have my heart kendrick dakota hammond and NOBODY ever had what me and you had. nomatter if they went out with you or not. i had your heart and you HAVE mine. nobody got to see the side of cody that you let me see. you let your guard down for me and im so thankful for that. i lovers you wiff all my hearts baby. ;) i still miss you :( always and forever Meagan brooke


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