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Personally, everyone exaggerated too much. It went from simple fights, to riots, to gangs, and to guns. It is also not the teachers faults that these kids behaved the way they did. The fights are no one but the students faults and I dont think it has anything to do with gangs. Everyone disagrees once in a while and there has ALWAYS been rivalries between these kids. There is no reason to call it "gang related" just because people are trying to create an explanation for these violent acts. Also, as far as the comments about the bad teachers and how bad the students english is spoken, it is no one but the students faults if they do not want to sit in class and learn. So, everyone get your facts straight before speaking out of line. No one was in harms way and this is not a color issue. Yes, it was mainly African Americans fighting, but oh well. There have been quite a few Caucasion fights also. -thanks.


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