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Look. I am so sick of teachers and parents telling students to run and tell a teacher if someone hits yu. First of all how do teachers know that the fact that the student keeps running and telling isnt the reason they're getting beat up in the first place. I mean come on now, are you really gonna sit there and not retaliate if some one (boy or girl) just comes up out of no where and hits you. Of course you're not they expect some one to defend theirself but end up suspended the wrong people anyways. Fights are gonna happen and the only people that can control them is the one's fighting. Not officers, principles, teachers or other students. People need 2 stop running around thinking that its not safe at West Bladen. The food is disgusting, there are roaches, bugs, and a whole lot of other things at west bladen that aren't safe but no one cares about that! And you notcie that in the video its all white people that were interviewed. And you wonder why black kids want to fight all the time. Im black myself and just because i am doesnt mean im gonna be on here talkin trash about white people but its ridiculous how people take white kids to be so calm and perfect when in the real world of high school every one has a bad quality to them. People need to stop looking down on students like they're criminals. you hear people saying "im scared to go back" come on now you were fine yesterday when there wasnt a fight and you'll be fine tommorrow. i didnt see any white kids getting pulled off in handcuffs but i can almost gurantee you some white kid somewhere had something to do with it even if it was just to pass word. I love my school and no matter what, West Bladen High School will always be West Bladen High School and if you have a problem with it. East Bladen is only 13 or 14 miles away. Leave.


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