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Technical difficulties

Is this GPS related? If the wearer gets within a certain range of set locations? Or does the other party have to wear one too? In which case, how do you explain setting long ranges and sending police out after someone who may just happen to be in the same general area? What about if they work in the same place? Is one person forced to give up their job? What if the accusation was proven to be false? Does the accuser or police have to pay back salary? What if this is a "they attend the same school/college?" All these are issues that need to be addressed. While one side argues the Rights of the "victim" and the other side argues the Rights of the "accused", I prefer to think along both lines and consider the Rights of BOTH. Like it or not, BOTH have Rights. Wouldn't you hate to be in either situation and be told you DIDN'T have, or had less, Rights than the other? Andrew


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