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"There is nothing Holy about

"There is nothing Holy about a union between homosexuals, when it is an abomination to God, according to the Holy bible" There is nothing HOLY about Civil marriage, PERIOD. Civil Marriage is the union of two people UNDER THE LAW, not recognizable under God. Religious marriage is the union of two people under God, NOT RECOGNIZABLE UNDER THE LAW. These are 2 completely separate institutions. People get confused and think they are the same because often they are performed at the same time at a house of worship. Churches only recognize one's marriage under God. Churches DO NOT recognize a straight couple's union who had only a CIVIL MARRIAGE, as a married under God. Under the eyes of God, that same couple is considered single. In order for God to recognize their marriage, the straight couple need to have a separate RELIGIOUS ceremony. WHY SHOULD IT BE DIFFERENT WITH GAYS? Churches don't have to recognize the Civil marriage of same-sex couples the same way they currently don't recognize the civil marriage of opposite-sex couples, as a marriage under god. PERIOD. The opposite is also true. If a couple have only a Religious marriage ceremony and not also a civil marriage ceremony, the law is not going to recognize their marriage. They are going to be considered to be single under the law, making them ineligible for the 1100 benefits that come with Civil marriage. Once again, these are two completely separate institutions!!! We have a separation of Church and State clause in our State and U.S. constitutions!!! AND IT WORKS BOTH WAYS!!!! It's not only the church that is protected from government influence, BUT ALSO THE GOVERNMENT IS PROTECTED FROM CHURCH INFLUENCE!!!


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