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Legal vs religious marriage

"If a person's only reasons for getting married is for a tax break or to be added to a company medical policy, maybe they should go back and rethink getting married at all. It is really not what marriage is all about." Then there should be NO legal contract at all regarding marriage and benefits or penalties should also not use marriage as a positive or negative. The fact is, only Anti-US Constitutionalists oppose legal marriage and oppose the NEUTRAL legal system that was supposed to be created by the US Constitution. Even the so-called law that defines marriage based on religious definitions is clearly in violation of the US Constitution's First Amendment. Only those who wish to subvert the US Constitution and create an illegal Theological Dictatorship in the US believe that said law, or ANY law that limits, segregates, or denies any Constitutionally protected individual from having the same legal Rights under the law as any other Constitutitonally protected individua, is a Constitutionally legal one. Andrew


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