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Adding to prior comments.

In addition to my comments made in other articles, including these two: The Representative has openly admitted his support for this bill is based on the attempt to force his own personal religious beliefs on other citizens who do not share his religious beliefs, in clear violation of the US Constitution. "Representative Bonner Stiller supports the bill. "A definition of marriage is a biblical term, and it was created by god, and I’m not in charge of changing any rules that god has made, it's just that simple for me."" As such, he has admitted being a Traitor to the US Constitution, the US, and the citizens of the US, even though he is a state representative. His actions clearly are an attempt to subvert the US Constitution to create a Theological Dictatorship in the US. An act which is clearly criminal under Federal law. As such, his actions will be reported to Federal authorities and a demand for his immediate arrest, trial, conviction, and sentencing on charges of Treason under the subversive clause of the Federal code will be made. It's time that acts such as the attempts to violate and subvert the US Constitution and create an illegal Theological Dictatorship in the US be punished. Again, this isn't about his personal beliefs and his desire to follow those beliefs for himself. This is about his clear acts to force and dictate those beliefs to others, in violation of the US Constitution. Andrew


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