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Gay Marriage ... What's the big deal?

I don't see the big deal about gay marriage. I was raised in the church my entire childhood, and the only thing I learned is that the "church" is full of hypocrites. The "Golden Rule" in the Bible is "Love your neighbour as thy self." This rule does not a have disclaimer at the bottom saying, only applicable to heterosexuals. If you are a so- called "Christian," who gives you the right to enforce "God's Law?" Let people make their own choices in life. Just because they do not adhere to the social norm does not justify persecution. If you believe in heaven and what not; I would be more concerned about answering to the "Big Man" about your own little screw-ups and not your neighbours. I think homosexual couples should be granted the same rights as any other couples under the law of the United States of America. However, if a gay couple wants to be married in a church, well, that is a church matter not a government matter. Hello! Use the Separation of Church and State as a tool and not a ball and chain.


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