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What it comes down to is

What it comes down to is this. No where in the US Constitution is anyone guaranteed the right to marry. The Federal Government decided when it was formed to leave laws concerning marriage to the states. The founding fathers had more important things on their mind than the citizens' love lives. We elect lawmakers and they make the laws. Majority rules in both houses of government. If the lawmakers choose to write laws based on their personal religious beliefs, that is the way it is. If the majority agrees to the proposals, whether also on their religious beliefs or a based on the opinions of their constituents, then it becomes the law. The Bill of Rights does not guarantee any rights or freedoms to citizens based on their sexual orientation. Even if the state were to recognize gay marriage, the Federal Government does not and any other state is not required to recognize it either. So, if their main reason as has been noted here is to be able to get on insurance policies and get the tax status, then you are only talking about a married status as far as NC taxes are concerned. They would still have to file separately on a Federal level. As far as the insurance is concerned, 18% of businesses in the US that offer insurance to their employees recognize domestic partnerships. If ordered to do so, I see many many years of lawsuits.


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