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Again with the smoke screens.

The US Constitution clearly states that NO law may be written that grants respect to one religion over another. Marriage, under the law and written as law, is, therefore, written to be NEUTRAL to religious beliefs. The Constitutions doesn't state marriage as a Right. HOWEVER, the Constitution DOES state that no LAW, and marriage is that when referring to that as a legal contract, shall be written which repects one religion over another. To argue that the Bill of Rights does not gaurantee Rights to individuals based on sexuality is to argue that the Bill of Rights should not grant Rights to individuals based on race, gender, various religious or non-religious beliefs, or other groups which can be segreated in a manner in which one individual can declare a superiority, realistically or not, rationally or not, over another individual. Your argument has not been proven whatsoever. The Bill of Rights does protect the Rights of ALL citizens. At least that is how it is written. It is, however, true that there are known Anti-US Constitutionalists who have been in power that have been subverting the US Constitution in an effort to create an illegal Theological Dictatorship. While we should be worried about foreign terrorists, we should be even more concerned with the domestic terrorists who have clearly betrayed the US Constitution, such as those who wish to create Theological Dictatorships in the US. Andrew


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