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I clicked on your name and

I clicked on your name and went to you url. I read your profile. You have no degree and no education in law, history, US Government, etc. You have your opinion of what the US Constitution is and is not supposed to provide for and guarantee the citizens of this country. Do you really think that the founding fathers ever considered marriage for a group of people who practice a sexual deviation as far as sexual intercourse is concerned and as a matter of fact were considered to be mentally ill? They gave so little thought to the issue of marriage that they did not consider it to be a Federal level issue and they relegated control to the individual states. This is a lifestyle whereby the primary sexual contact involved in the practice constitutes a Class A felony under NC law, punishable by up to ten years in prison if they chose to enforce it. You use the religion aspect to argue your point. There are many people who do not agree with homosexual marriage and their opinion has no basis in religion. It is just their opinion, like it is just your opinion. The religions who have the objections are very vocal in their view and the politicians I'm sure do listen. You are so down on religion, but apparently a church is going to hold a ceremony for the gay couple featured on the news. That in itself nullifies your religion argument. Just because Bonner makes it a religious issue for himself does not mean that everyone who votes yay on the proposal will do it from a religious standpoint. Your profile and your comments on various other sites leads me to think that you have had some issue with religion and also with the government, possibly in reference to not drawing enough disability. Whatever your issues are on either subject do not change the fact that marriage for homosexuals is not an unalienable right under the US Constitution. The fact of the matter is that we live in a country where rules and laws are enacted by majority vote. Their basis for their personal opinion does not matter. If they propose the law and it is voted on yes on by a majority, that is the only issue. As far as the Bill of Rights, there is no way you can equate discrimination against minority races or against gender as opposed to what sexual partner or position someone prefers. Would you prefer it if the lawmakers proposed the bill without the religious reference? After all, NC law already makes gay marriage illegal, so it is really a moot point. You should come on over to the college and let a professor explain Constitutional Law to you. You are convinced that the Constitution guarantees it and it does not.


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