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To me gay marriage is no

To me gay marriage is no different than the majority of heterosexual marriages out there. Are the individuals who enter into marriage without thought or consideration, the same individuals who's foolish decisions we have to thank for our 50% + divorce rate in America, any different from homosexual couples? If you base your decision of whether or not to support gay marriage on any sort of religious basis, you might want to consider that. Personally, I believe that the true value of marriage is found when considered from a faith standpoint. I could care less about legal documents or tax cuts or any other benefit resulting from technical marriage. Any marriage without God as the third partner is a sin, gay or otherwise. Sin is sin... gay or straight... it makes no difference. So instead of persecuting the homosexual community, why don't we take a look around at all the mail order bride marriages or those military couples who get hitched for the pay increase while under deployment or those drunken Vegas mishap marriages... believe it or not these dont make God too happy either, at least that's the way I see it....


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