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you smokers

The argument that "Smoking is a choice", and better yet, "This is a free County", is a complete joke. We had the opportunity to stand up and show the rest of the country that we care. Instead, out politicians caved and we look like dirty southern rednecks once again. The fact is, smoking kills period! Better yet, 2nd hand smoke kills too! I smoked for a long time. I quit two years ago and I want to go into a bar and not have to sneeze my head off all night or keep my cloths out on the porch when I get home because of the smell. I want to enjoy a beer and a game of pool with out using eye drops. I see the point about the liberty of smoking. But seriously, when you spread a noxious fume that kills and poisions others, you are the ones that should get out of the way. What gives you the right to infringe upon my right to a healthy lifestyle. We as a population had the chance to show America that we wanted to attract a better lifestyle. Instead, we showed our selfish southern charm...


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