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Being a pacifist only works.....

...if your opponent also subscribes to pacifism. If he doesn't, your pacifism is a unilateral suicide pact. It's criminally naive and negligent to think that defense spending should take a back seat because of people (here) that you people claim are starving. (Where are they?) Let the United States fall from the role of superpower (faster than it already is) and see how many people are starving then. Here's what you fail to grasp about Islamic fundamentalists - they don't WANT your food. They don't WANT to sit down and sing "Kumbaya" with you. They don't WANT to be your pal. They want to kill you, kill your family, and kill your dog. They hate you with a religious fervor that borders on total insanity. I guess we just view the world differently. As I watched those planes crash into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, I never once thought, "Gee, I'd like to buy those guys lunch." Perhaps you should spend more time studying the sacrifices men and women made to insure your freedom, and less time daydreaming about your Sesame Street and Barney-like Utopia.


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