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End war?

Sure, pal. Right after you end volcanoes, babies crying, and the Sun rising in the East. Are you waiting for the Easter Bunny this weekend? As Von Clausewitz wrote, "War is simply an extension of politics in another direction." In other words, when your enemy and you come to an impasse regarding your respective needs and interests, you can yield to his wishes, surrender your own...or you can go to war. History proves that war is a natural progression of political will and a necessary tool for achieving national objectives and strategic goals. "War" is going to be around as long as man inhabits the Earth. Our most serious problems over the last sixty years are due to our sudden, inexplicable inability to wage war, instead opting for some ineffective "war lite" that achieves nothing. Interesting comparison - you dedicated your life to ending war, I dedicated my life to first fighting it, then studying it, then writing about how to do it better. Yet in the end, we are both ignored, you because it's nonsensical to think that war will ever vanish, I because we once again believe that being nice-guy-buddies is more effective than destroying the enemy and his will to fight. We'd rather "negotiate" than show the enemy why Sherman accurately assessed war as hell. In the end, our long-term effect on the issue will be remarkably like pulling one's finger out of the ocean....but rest assured that men will be fighting and dying in wars long after you and I are gone. That gives me some comfort, for if we ever reach the day when men will not fight for their homeland or liberty, society will basically fail, fall....and woe unto this nation...


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