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i am reading these comments

i am reading these comments back and forth, and it is clear without even looking at the context which are the voices of pacifists and which are not. common, no one is attacking you on this message board. why do you need to speak with such anger and sarcasm? your opinion is respected and honored within your rights of free speech. i understand how people feel that war is the only inevitable option. it's significance is a culmination of many many many years of varying belief systems and a structure of logic that paints things in black/white, right/wrong. but please also consider the importance of peace. if it were not for programs like FNB, who knows what state the world would be in. as long as there is war, there should be people protesting war -- especially if they are providing food to the hungry. (even if it is not a homeless person, i'm sure everyone appreciates a free meal in this economic crunch!) if the grim prediction of the future stands true, and the existence of war goes hand-in-hand with humanity (which i wouldn't completely disregard.... we, as humans, are in a bit over our head, much deeper into this military complex than we realize) ... i'm glad that there are people keeping things positive, sharing hope & love. but, i personally can't ascribe myself to any facts proven by history. we are standing on the shoulders of the past, learning from the mistakes, etc etc. if this moment is fresh and new, the next moment can only be more so. with endless possibilities for growth and change. it's not necessarily an end to wars that i look forward to, but the end of the NEED for war. a day when you don't have to fight for your homeland, or anything else for that matter. harmonic coexistence... if you support war, i'm sure there are beliefs you believe in fighting for. food not bombs is how pacifists fight... you don't have to prove anyone wrong :) we're all swimming in the same fish bowl. i appreciate you sharing your perspective... while one finger taken out of the ocean won't make much of a difference, your finger (and mine) are one of many.


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