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Nudity is a natural state.

Nudity is a natural state. Nothing is more natural than being nude and enjoying nature, the way God intended. Nude is not lewd and nudity is not sinful. The American society automatically associates sexuality with nudity when this is not the case at all. Simple nudity has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality and this is very evident in European countries which are much more liberal, open-minded and accepting of individuals. Pope John Paul II said, "The human body in itself always has its own inalienable human dignity," and goes on to say that only when you reduce the human body to "an object of 'enjoyment,' meant for the gratification of concupiscence itself" does it become obscene. Adam and Eve were nude, created in God's image and God said "It is good!" Is the image of God sinful? No of course not! In Isaiah 20 we see that Isaiah was prophesying for three years while nude by the command of God. In 1 Samuel we see that Saul (Paul) "stripped off his robes and also prophesied" and the people who saw this asked, "Is Saul also among the prophets?" They associated him removing his clothes and prophesying with being a man of God! In 2 Samuel 6 King David celebrates nude before the Lord. In Micah 1:8 Micah too goes around nude. In Matthew 22 we are told to love our neighbors, but we cannot truly love someone else until we love ourselves! Being a nudist, one loves themsevles and is accepting of anyone no matter what their race, creed, religion, etc. Nude is not lewd and is in fact Biblical! America is the land of the free where we supposidly have freedom of expression. Nudism is our expression, give us our freedom!


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