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It must be nice

It must be nice for the school board members to get an all expenses paid vacation while our children are going to be facing larger class sizes and program cuts. We elect school board members to make decisions, they have the power to change school start times and when parents complain they see their meal ticket disappear and balk at it. Saving hundreds of thousands in bus costs will save multiple jobs in the county and allow for funding in necessary programs, but they are too afraid to stand up the the whiny and entitled parents. Anyone who knows anything about education knows that New Hanover county does not put our children first in education. This county is a political joke. This county has no attendance policy. Kids can skip and miss as much school as they want and no receive any consequence. The board just wants to look good for the media. So in the next few years when class sizes jump up, attendance goes down and the continued focus is on parental happiness, not the education of our children, I hope the school board members who wasted $6000 can look back at the great time they had at our expense. I don't know if the right word is corruption or ineptitude, maybe its both.


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