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If we look back over our history, we find that paying higher taxes is an inevitable monster that we will never get away from. I pay more in taxes than my parents did; they pay more than my grandparents did, and so on... Be it a hard pill to swallow, that's life and we have to deal with it. That being said, I live in an area already annexed. Sure I am not fond of everything that entails, but I do have benefits of services that are superior to what I had. I do not make that much money, but I do make ends meet. I have just started my family, so I realize these times are tough on young families. My Grandma made it through the Great Depression and from the stories she use to tell us, these times aren't anything. We've got to keep our heads about things, people. Acting like a fool will not fix a thing. After last nights display, I cannot believe City Council's audacity in calling the firefighters "bullies" and "out of line". They were no where near that wild and to my recollection no firefighter was arrested. City Council still owes them an apology. Remember Monkey Junction, once you become city residents your vote counts! If you don’t like it, vote!


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