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School Uniforms - Absolutely Necessary

Our public school system is just that, a public school system. The teachers are not there to police the dresscode of our children, they are there to educate the children, who should come to school prepared to learn. If you ask most teachers, they spend entirely too much time dealing with unneccesary tasks, such as tardiness isues, behavioral issues, finding a snack for children that did not bring a snack, etc. It is our jobs as parents to assist in our children being educated. One teacher cannot educate 24-29 children every day without the support of parents. If my child wearing a uniform will assist my child's teachers in their class management, then he will just have to wear a uniform. I am in my son's school ALL THE TIME and I do work FULL-TIME. I am PTA president of my son's school and I see day after day, parents that whine and complain, but don't know all of the facts. Spend some time in the classroom, in the lunchroom, on the school bus, and on the playground, and you will see that the majority of parents just ship their children off on a school bus and expect them to come home with a decent education. My son (who is not a "nerd", as some of you may think), loves wearing polo shirts and kahki pants, etc. He is a straight A student that happens to love his school. He finds pride in his clothing and I would like it to stay that way. We have lowered our standards enough in public school and it is time to turn that around. I have the ability to purchase clothing at the finest boutiques in town, but you may find me rummaging through the racks at Goodwill and yard sales for his clothing on any given day. I welcome uniforms in all public schools. I find these clothing items easier to shop for and much less expensive than the crap at the mall.


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