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Freedom of Choice

First of all, I was in the circle at LMS this morning. I saw the parents polling the parents. You were right, they were not talking to each parent. Only every other car; probably ones they knew just like you said. After I finally got through the line, I called the school to complain. If I'm going to have to pay for uniforms, then they need to make sure they don't delay me getting to work on time to where I lose my job. I was 10 minutes late this morning because of those parents hindering drivers in the drop-off zone. PLUS, if they did a phone survey last night and they are polling in the morning, then couldn't a person actally vote twice? How fair is that? That really thows the "honest numbers" out the window. Secondly, I have enough money so that's not an issue to me. I'm thinking about it for other parents. Four of my friends recently lost their jobs due to cutbacks in their companies. Where is the money going to come from for their kids to have uniforms? God forbid they are spending their remaining money (spousal income) on...let's, shelter, insurance. You know, the important stuff that really matters. Also, if they can't afford the uniforms, what are they suppose to do...stay home? So the school can either deny them an education or, if they go to school out of compliance, they are punished for mom and dad not having enough money. Talk about singling out kids. Third, my child doesn't want to dress in the same clothes that they are FORCED to wear to school 5 days a week. Popular brand names have nothing to do with it, so I don't know where that remark comes from. Usually she is in a pair of denim shorts ($8.99) and a Hanes t-shirt ($3.99) purchased from Walmart or Target. A heck of alot cheaper than khakis ($11.88) and polos ($8.99) from Walmart. Hanging around the house, playing ball at the park, going skating, etc. These kids like to play hard on the weekends. I don't expect them to do it in khaki pants and polos. And I'm sorry, I don't think polos shirts are very feminine. Regardless of the optional skirts, polo shirts are a more masuline attire. And last but not can not tell me that the schools and the teachers can donate clothes or money. These poor teachers can't afford crayons, pencils, paper, glue and kleenex for their classrooms. Basic necessaties for educating our kids. You know, the real reason they attend school...getting an education. I seriously doubt that they can afford to clothe their students. Schools are up against such budget restraints that they are cutting out wherever they can....teachers salaries, busing costs, etc. Until I see "stimulus checks" being handed out to EACH student to offset the cost of these uniforms by the shcool system, you can not tell me that the schools and teachers will help with the cost. You need a serious reality check! If you want your child in a school uniform, that's what private schools and RBA is for. You can find directions to them on the internet.


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