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From my experience with uniforms I love the idea. I have two sons still at home. One has to wear a uniform, one does not. There is so many benefits to the uniforms. 1. the ones the school board is requiring can be bought at walmart, they are cheep. For under $30.00 you have a whole outfit. Now days one pair of jeans is averaged 20.00 to 25.00, yes at walmart. 2.I have saved so much with my child, not only in this area but it saves the wear and tear on his other clothes and we don't go through them as fast as my older son does. another savings. 3. he is more attentive to his appearance and what is expected of him at school. 4.the stress of what to wear, gone.. you know what your wearing. 5.and casual day its something each week to look forward to, they respect the privilege more and its a reward, they have a choice they can follow the rule and get the reward of casual day or choose to lose it and have to wear their uniform that day. They still have choices. To MOST children its not as big a deal to them as the parents make it out to be. My son new it was required and he went with it, we didn't fuss, so the child followed suit. People give it a try you will see its a great thing, having it both ways in my home, i can see the benefits.


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