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There is freedom

You say there is no freedom of choice and that it is more expensive to buy polos and khakis than jeans and a T-shirt. That is just not true. I just bought 4 solid color long sleeved polo shirts at Kohls for 3.10 each off the clearance rack. That's even cheaper than Wal Mart. Last time I looked polos at Wal Mart were around 5 or 6 bucks and khakis were around 10 bucks. Jeans were more expensive. As a parent I have already told the LMS administration that I would be more than happy to donate money or clothing for families who can't afford to purchase these items, and there are other parents I talk to who are willing to do the same. And in the letter it said that the school would be working with major area clothing chains (including Wal Mart and JC Penney) to come up with a plan to work with parents of LMS students in the purchasing of the proposed items. I do not believe that LMS administration would ever let a student be singled out in the case of a family who is in financial hardship. I already donate supplies for the schools my kids attend because teachers already spend so much out of pocket. There are kids that I know of whose parents can't seem to find the money to buy clothes, paper, pencils and basic school necessities, but they sure find the money to pull up to the school in a brand new SUV while they are yapping on their brand new Blackberry. If you spent any time in the schools, you would see the reason why we need to do something. And as a parent there are times when I believe we should listen to what our kids want. However, this is not one of those times. Of course a teenager is going to tell you that they do not want to be held to a more stringent standard of dress! You cannot tell me that just about every kid does not already have some of the clothing items being discussed (jeans in black or blue, black,khaki or navy pants, collared, solid colored shirts,). This idea should be given a chance to work. Let's do it and see. And by all means if it doesn't help, then you are more than welcome to say "I told you so" and I will readily say "you were right."


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