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Fair Weather in the 50's, Sleeping in a Dumpster?

I think more questions need to be asked, as there are plenty of stereotyped "Assumptions" automatically being made.. I give this man Empathy, having seen people such as this all around Wilmington, which Begs the question, "What Do We, as a Society, Do for these People?", and NOT just "these" People, Also Individuals/Families that are threatened ever more so by the deepening Recession/Depression that is effecting Our Economy? Lock them up? Provide Funds for Treatment? Provide Medication/Counseling for those Individuals in need of Mental/Psychological services? .GOV Stimulus dollars to provide "Shovel Ready" Jobs to provide Employment? Temporary Housing until the Economy recovers? I'm thinking/Envisioning Sledge Hammers yielded by Men tearing down Nisbitt Courts, BY HAND, saving Diesel fuel etc. Use the debris to build a Artificial Reef off the coast.. Back on the subject, this question needs to be asked also. Credits to the Author/Poster "SpiritofAA58" [quote]" I personally knew Barry Carter. Yes, he was homeless, yes he suffered from alcoholism. But no, he was not a person who resorted to sleeping in trash bins or dumpsters. He had been on the streets for years. He dressed approperiately for the weather conditions, he had a tent, sleeping bag(s), camp fire and all the other amenities of a very street smart homeless person. This is how and where he slept when it was in the 20's, he surely would not have resorted to a trash bin on a night that didn't get below 50 degrees. Many people saw Barry Tuesday night, alive. He had a very ugly cut across his nose. Someone had beaten him pretty bad. Wendnesday he is being dumped out of a dumpster into a landfill, and there is no suspicion of foul play? This case reeks of foul play. Barry wasn't trash bin material, in any sense of the word. He was a pretty good guy, with the terrible disease alcoholism. How the medical examaner will determine what injuries were the result of begining subjected to a waste compactor, and what injuries existed before this will tell us a story I think many of the homeless already know. This man was killed and dumped, and most have a pretty good suspicion by who.[/quote] I agree, questions need to be asked.


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